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Portland Paralegal saves you time and money by completing the complex divorce and child support pleadings for your Oregon family law case. 

Portland Paralegal has been filing uncontested Oregon divorces since 2006. 
We know the family law process. Your documents will be ready for your review within 2 weeks.

You and your spouse will divide all assets, debt, personal property, and real property. You will complete a Parenting schedule for your child(ren). The number of overnights per parent affects the child support amount owed. Use the Oregon Child Support Guidelines Calculator to determine how much you owe for child support. 

If you need legal advice about spousal support, we will refer you to a family law attorney or a family law clinic. We cannot offer legal advice.

We'll explain the process for:
•  How do I file for divorce in Oregon?
•  How do I know who pays child support? 
•  How much will I pay for child support?

Do not wait to file. Take the road to independence!