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Specializing in Family Law cases

for all Oregon counties

Family Law

Simple Estates 

Oregon real property valued $200K or less, and cash assets up to $75,000

Documents prepared:

  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Child Support

  • Modifications

Mobile Notary

Portland metro notary public. Serving Clackamas on Tues/Thursdays 

Portland Paralegal saves you time and money by completing your Oregon documents for

  • divorce  

  • child support

  • modify child support or custody.

  • Simple Estate Affidavits


Portland Paralegal has been filing uncontested Oregon divorces since 2006.  We know the family law process. Your documents will be ready for your review in 1-2 weeks.


You and your spouse will divide all assets, debts, personal property and real property. Parents will complete a Parenting Plan and Child Support Worksheet using the required Oregon Child Support Guidelines Calculator

If you need legal advice about spousal support, we will refer you to a family law attorney or a legal clinic. We cannot offer legal advice.


We'll explain the process for:

•  How do I file for divorce in Oregon once I've lived here 6 months?

​​•  How do I serve my spouse?

•  How much will I pay for child support?


Don't delay in starting your filing. Take the road to independence!

Portland Paralegal Services, LLC

PO Box 14031

Portland, OR 97293


Hours:  6 - 9 pm weekdays

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