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We take pride in our value and low flat rate fees

$360 - agreed case, no children, no assets

$550 - agreed case, children no assets

    $95/asset to divide: home, retirement 

$150-200 to finalize an unagreed case


Domestic Relations Filing fees are additional to the document preparation rate. Oregon filing fee is $301 for divorce or $281 for domestic partnership. Both parents also pay for a parenting class.


If you need to divide a pension or retirement account after divorce Judgment is signed, we can refer you to a lawyer to prepare a QDRO (~ $800).

Parent Education Classes

required by Oregon courts

     Washington County's Parent Education with mediation ($200/parent)

     Multnomah County's class is $70/parent.

     Clackamas County's class is $70/parent.


     QDRO attorney to split retirement assets, estate planning, Small claims assistance, probate attorneys.

Criminal Expungement

     Hide some past felony convictions.  Involves fees to OR State Police & circuit court.

OR Child Support Worksheet


How much will I pay for child support in Oregon?


First, determine the number of overnights per parent using the parenting time calculator.


Insert your number of overnights on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. Convert your pay to gross monthly income. A work month is 173.3 hours. Or use your annual salary and divide by 12 months.

Use post-divorce costs for health insurance

Click "Add Child" after entering each child's name. "Child attending school" means a college student.


The court's family law staff can help you prepare the worksheet.


Thanks for your inqury!

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