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Our fabulous family law clients say:

Portland paralegal was a tremendous help in getting my dissolution paperwork filed and approved. I had been hitting road blocks trying to complete it solo when I reached out for advice,/assistance. Her prices were incredibly fair, responses were timely and she was always willing to explain what I wasn't understanding. The dissolution was approved at last!

  - B Mackie, on Google  9/2023

My ex-wife and I had an amicable separation and needed someone to assist us in walking through the divorce process. LeeAnn gave us perspective on the requirements and a simple list of steps to complete. She consulted with us on our concerns and clarified any confusion we had. The value of this service is monumental when facing such a major life decision. If you are like us and reading a list of instructions off a website or document  doesn't satisfy the nuances of your personal situation, I would highly recommend consulting with LeeAnn. She will tell you if it becomes apparent that you require the help of an attorney. Fortunately we did not, though without LeeAnn we may have needed to pay one a significantly higher fee for the same assistance. Bearing in mind that LeeAnn charges flat fees for her services and has no financial interest in a drawn out battle. LeeAnn helped us get our documents right the first time so that our filing was received and divorce finalized within a week of the initial filing. Durations and requirements may vary by county, we were fortunate to file in Clackamas. Thank you, LeeAnn!!

 Joshua B.

 8/21/2022 via Yelp

Thank you for all you have done LeeAnn. I truly appreciate all of the time and effort you have expended. You have remained consistent and professional and I will definitely keep you in mind for all legal filings I may need in the future, and refer people to you. 

  Have a blessed weekend.

 - S. Morgan, 7/2020

LeeAnn is an Angel! From my initial talk with her, I knew she was going to take care of everything, and she did a fantastic job. She was so much more than just helpful, LeeAnns expertise showed again and again. I had called a couple other companies, and I am so blessed to have talked with LeeAnn. My heartfelt Thanks & Appreciation. Portland Paralegal deserves 5 Gold Stars, at least!! 

 - B. Kemp via Yelp 1/2019


LeeAnn deserves six stars for always staying up on my divorce process, even when I went MIA because I was unsure if I wanted the divorce. She watched every deadline and was very watchful and helpful. I fully recommend her, she knew every step and really works for her clients. 

 - Meg G. via Yelp

LeeAnn was very helpful guiding me through all the confusing divorce paperwork. Whenever I had a question she was quick to respond and when the court bureaucracy tried to make things difficult, LeeAnn always steered me in the right direction.  It was a great feeling to have an experienced person on my side during this not so pleasant process.
Highly recommended!

 - Tom L., Multnomah County, 2018


Thank you for helping to make our divorce so painless and straightforward. You’ve been a great force for normalcy and giving good advice (but, I hasten to add, never legal advice).

-- Rachel F., wordsmith

   Portland, 2017

Thank you so much for your part with the paperwork and filing. It was a gift to have things move so quickly. Thank you, and if I come across anyone who might benefit from your services I'll pass your name along. Best regards.

-- Erica M.

   Multnomah County, 2015


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Divorce can be a very complicated and time consuming process, but LeeAnn Gauthier of Portland Paralegal Services made it a quick and pain free process. LeeAnn was a pleasure to work with. She was always readily available and answered all my questions. I would definitely use Portland Paralegal again, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with all the paperwork that comes along with a divorce.

-- Juanita A., 7/2014


I am so glad I found LeeAnn at Portland Paralegal Services. She handled the confusing legal forms forms while guiding me through the expectations the State of Oregon has for folks filing for divorce. I could not have done this without her expertise. . . Thank you, LeeAnn.

 -- Sharon Clark, 2014

LeeAnn at Portland Paralegal handled the paperwork and filing for my divorce. Her patience and kindness truly helped to make this process less painful. She was very helpful from the beginning through the end of the process. She did a great job of answering questions and keeping me informed on the status. I felt comfortable every step of the way knowing that she was there for me. I highly recommend LeeAnn and the service she provides!

 -- Becky G.

    Spokane, WA 2014

Thanks LeeAnn for all your help! much appreciated :) quick and painless help at a great price!

 -- Jessica A. via Yelp

I highly recommend Portland Paralegal Services. LeeAnn helped make the divorce process that I was dreading so much easier. She is knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. And her fees are very reasonable. Thank you LeeAnn!

 -- Kasumi M., Portland OR

Portland Paralegal Services is very easy to work with ! Everything is explained thoroughly. Answered all questions quickly as I went through this process. I communicated through email. My situation was fairly simple being we agreed on everything. I was very satisfied with the timely manner of the process. The prices are very reasonable for all the work that is done. Plus they do all the filing for you, a plus if you have a busy schedule. I would recommend Portland Paralegal Services for your paralegal needs.

 -- Richard G., McMinnville, OR


Portland Paralegal provided excellent document preparation for my settlement. Their expertise in the industry really streamlined the legal process for me, getting everything correctly documented, filed and returned by the judge in a short amount of time. I'd recommend Portland Paralegal to anyone looking for professional paralegal services in the Portland area.


-- Corey Hunter, Tigard OR


I searched for paralegals on Google and found Portland Paralegal Services. How to go about the procedure was well explained. LeeAnn is also responsive of my calls, emails and queries. Documents that needed to be mailed were taken care of immediately and without delay. She was very committed to help me complete the painful process of divorce. I highly recommend this service. You can trust LeeAnn.


-- Carlos B.


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